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December 22 2012


Orange County eCig Opens in Mission Viejo, California

"Vapers", they call themselves. Tyler Purcell, co-owner of newly opened electric cigarettes store Orange County eCig in Mission Viejo, explains to us exactly what an "eCig" is made up of.

electronic cigarettes in orange county

"Our e cigarettes are made up of three major components, battery, the atomizer and tank, and the liquid. The battery is rechargeable as much as 400 times and really should last a heavy smoker the whole day. The following part is the atomizer, where a metal coil heats up around a wick, vaporizing the liquid in here." He points to a cool looking clear tank filled with bright blue liquid which he explains can be a flavor created by a business called Pink Spot in Vegas.

"As far because the liquid is known as, it is really becoming so nuanced and advanced that finding an eCig liquid is practically like selecting a fine wine. You can expect our liquids in various levels of nicotine, including 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg not to mention with no nicotine whatsoever."

electronic cigarettes in orange county

We asked Purcell what it really tasted like. "Anything you are able to envision you can probably vape" he responded. Purcell is amongst many entrepreneurs getting into the electronic cigarette business. eCigs, as they are known, are increasing in popularity. Although some people have declared the merchandise may be harmful or cause health problems, the lasting effects are not yet known. "At no more the day, would you rather inhale nicotine free vapor or suck down a pack of tobacco? With cigarettes medical risks are known and clearly nobody thinks it's a wise decision to smoke. I would not encourage non-smokers to test eCigs, however for a smoker I've come across these really help people quit" quips Purcell.

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